Putting on a Pantomime each year is an expensive when it is done as professionally as the Wayfarers do it.

Unfortunately the costs far outstrip the income that can be gained from ticket sales alone. So we need to look to other ways to help raise funds.

After more than 50 years of Pantomime, a strong following has always been very generous in terms of donations. With the advent of ‘Gift Aid’ for Charities it made sense for the Wayfarers to look at this avenue of enhancing donations received. So some years ago the Wayfarers registered as a charity and now benefit from 25% gift aid on donations.

So with these new facilities come new ways of collecting donations, which is why you are here (we hope). The following link will take you to our BT My Donate page, allowing you to make a ‘Gift Aid’ donation to the Wayfarers.

Just before you click on the link, we would just like to say ‘Thank you’. We really are grateful. “Oh yes we are!”