Wayfarers Membership

(a) With immediate effect Persons wishing to join the Wayfarers (Senior Section) must be a minimum of 14 years old on or before the 31 August in the year preceding a Pantomime (i.e. have the two GCSE years remaining at School). For Health and Safety reasons you must be at least 16 to help backstage.

(b) New Members -Need to be auditioned regardless of past or recent performances with other societies .

(c) Returning Member – If the person has missed only one pantomime, then he/she need not be auditioned. However if the person has missed two or more consecutive pantomimes then he/she needs to be auditioned.

(d) The auditioning panel should consist of a minimum of three committee members.

New members auditions are usually held in June each year. Please contact Geraldine Lucking for further details.

Subscription Information

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To sign up just email send your contact details to