Father Christmas arrived at Monkton Elm Garden Centre and the Wayfarers were there to meet them.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable time and met lots of lovely people, all of whom said they would be there to see Beauty and the Beast. This might have been down to Fairy Flora and some magic dust, but hopefully when the magic has warn off they will want to have that warm feeling againĀ and book their tickets!

Here are some pictures from the day in case you missed it.

Monkton Elm 2014 0

Father Christmas arriving at Monkton Elm Garden Centre

Monkton Elm 2014 4

Anna Howe and Emma Coombes

Monkton Elm 2014 2

Charlotte Whyborn and Maddie Cooper

Monkton Elm 2014 3

Anna Howe, Sarah Lock and Helen Coombes

Monkton Elm 2014 5

Andy Cooper, Anna Howe, Ray Jarvis, Helen Coombes, Eve Whyborn, Sarah Lock and Stuart Lloyd

Monkton Elm 2014 1

Sarah Lock, Anna Howe, Helen Coombes, Maddie Cooper, Charlotte Whyborn, Andy Cooper and Eve Whyborn