Chairman_Martin_HoweMartin Howe has been elected the new Chairman of the Wayfarers, replacing Hilary Marshall who stands down after 5 outstanding years at the helm.

Many of you will recognise Martin as the son of Society founder members John and Linda Howe, so he is no stranger to the Wayfarers.

However, he is a relatively new active member having only joined the Black Gang in the last few years, following not his parents but his wife, Fiona, who has been helping out since daughters Emily and Anna started performing for the Wayfarers some years ago. Prior to this Martin’s time was taken up playing rugby with the Wyvern Rugby Club.

“I am very proud to have been asked to be Chairman” said Martin, following his election. “It wasn’t something I was expecting or looking for, but I see it as a honour to be leading the Wayfarers. The last 18 months have been difficult following the closure of the Brewhouse, which financially cost the Society very dearly, so I know I am taking on a challenge. Nevertheless┬áthe Brewhouse is open again and we will be back there again in January with Beauty and the Beast, which we hope Taunton will get behind and fully support us.”

Outgoing Chairman, Hilary Marshall, said of Martin’s appointment, “I wanted to the leave the Wayfarers in good hands and Martin is just the right person for the role. I am so pleased he has taken the position on and I know his enthusiasm will be welcomed by the Society. ” Hilary will continue her involvement with the Wayfarers, helping out backstage.