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Presentation to Childrens Hospice South West

The Committee were on hand to present a Cheque for £550 to Alan Hall of Children’s Hospice South West, which was half the money collected in the after show bucket collection for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The other half of the collection was presented to Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance Service.

Presentation to Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance

Our picture shows Keith Smith, Pam Bishop and Terry Wood presenting a cheque for £550 to the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. This is half the amount from the bucket collection, with the other half to be presented to Children’s Hospice South West.

Cinderella Awards 2017

A merry band of Wayfarers travelled to the Somerset Federation of Drama’s Cinderella Awards Evening at the Haynes Motor Museum. 29 Societies across Somerset were to be considered for a raft of awards, with each greeted by loud cheering and shouting from the 220+ gathered together for the evening.

While we did not achieve the success we had last year, we did have one win:

Best Theatre Stage Management: Garry Stacey & Martin Lock RETAINED the award they won last year.

It became apparent there had been some exceptional performances during this panto season, so it was great that Sarah Whittaker received a Highly Commended Award as Best Villain.

Somerset Federation of Drama are keen to recognise young talent and the Cinderella Awards present a great opportunity to recognise “Stars of the Future”. Amongst the host of youngsters across the County who were named as “Stars of the Future” was our very own Gracie-Lou Marshall.

The Wayfarers were Nominated for a further 9 awards:

Best Comedic Scene: Chris Holman and Sarah Whittaker for the Mirror Scene
Good Fairy: Emma Jones as Fairy Fortune
Best Cameo: Stuart Lloyd as Slurp
Best Dance of the Year
Best Female Singer: Meghan Walls as Snow White
Best Romantic Duet: Meghan Walls and Anna Howe
Best Chorus
Best Make-Up
Principal Girl of the Year: Meghan

The big prize, The Cinderella Award, was won by Burnham District Pantomime Society with Aladdin.

Well done to all those involved in Panto across Somerset. Let’s do it all again next year!


ALADDIN Auditions Announced

In keeping with previous years there will several workshops prior to the Auditions. All cast are required to dance and sing as part of their audition and the workshops allow you to learn the specific dance routine and song that will be used during the actual Audition. It is therefore important that potential cast members attend as many of the workshops as possible to get an idea of what is expected of them on the day.

Workshop dates are:

Thursday 20th July – 7.30pm

Tuesday 25th July – 7.30pm

Thursday 27th July – 7.30pm

Auditions will be held on:

SUNDAY 30th JULY between 10.00am and 5.00pm.


Workshops and Auditions will be at Callebaut Hall, Kingston Road, TA2 7SA.

Please get these dates in your diary and we look forward to seeing you in July.

And if you were wondering when the show is on, ALADDIN will run for 10 shows between Sunday 7th January and Saturday 13th January 2018, with rehearsals starting in September.

Wayfarers Success at Cinderella Awards

It was a fantastic night for the Wayfarers at the Somerset Fellowship of Drama “Cinderella Awards” Evening.

The evening celebrates amateur Pantomime throughout Somerset and recognises the efforts of 27 different Societies. The 2016 Awards took place at the Haynes Motor Museum where 260 representatives from 24 of the Societies, both large and small, came together.

There are 47 awards presented throughout the evening, rewarding not just those on stage, but everyone throughout the whole back stage crew and production teams who make these shows happen.

The ultimate accolade is to be presented with the Cinderella Trophy, which this year went to Cloverleaf Productions from Combe St Nicholas for their production of The Snow Queen. However, Wayfarers were the Runners Up for 2016 with Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates, which is a huge achievement for everyone involved.

2016-05-08 Cinderella Awards

During the evening the Wayfarers picked up a number of other awards:

  • Choreographer of the Year – Sheila Driver
  • Best Junior Chorus
  • Best Chorus
  • Best Theatre Stage Management – Garry Stacey and Martin Lock
  • Linkman of the Year – Dan Woodmason

And there were also nominations in the following awards:

  • Comedy Duo – Cameron & Ashleigh
  • Best Theatre Musicians
  • Best Female Singer – Meghan Walls
  • Best Make up – Naomi Boxell
  • Best UV Scene
  • Best Lighting – Chris Sealey
  • Best Animal Act – Kirsty Newman
  • Principal Boy of the Year – Meghan Walls
  • Principal Girl of the Year – Kim Barnard
  • The Eddie Bowker Trophy – Dan Woodmason
  • Best Musical Director – Matt Holmes
  • Best Director – Brian Epps

All in all a wonderful evening for the Wayfarers and success that can be shared by EVERYONE involved in putting on Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates

Congratulations to all.

Huge Success for Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates

Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates was seen by over 2800 people over 10 shows this year.

The high paced choreography of Sheila Driver was matched perfectly by the music of Matt Holmes. The comedy was delivered effortlessly, almost flawlessly, and with the usual style of panto laughs.

The Wayfarers would like to thank all those people who came and supported the show, making it one of the best for the audience and cast alike.

Gaz 01

Gaz 02

Gaz 03

Gaz 04

Gaz 05

Gaz 06

Radio Advert Goes Live on Tone FM

Following on from the success of last year’s radio advert on Tone FM, here we are again with our offering for Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates. Thanks to MAGNUS STEWART for his magnificent performance. Click below to hear the advert or tune in to Tone FM on 107.8FM in Taunton and you will hear it from time to time during the day.


It’s not all song and dance for Wayfarers

The bucket collection after each of the Beauty and the Beast shows was shared between two charities and we are delighted that we have been able to present both charities with £751.

The Compass Team at Musgrove Park Hospital, who support children with serious illness and their families.

Our picture shows Chairman, Martin Howe, and Treasurer, Keith Smith, along with members of the Compass Team: (from left to right) Sally Day, Healthcare Assistant, Dr Linda Deeley, Service Lead and Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Dr Jennie Norris, Clinical Psychologist, Gillian Terrell, Service Lead and Children’s Community Nurse, Dr Linda Whiteford, Consultant Paediatrician, and Emily Whaites, Children’s Community Nurse.2015 Compass Team (Medium)

Somerset Prostate Support Association

The picture shows Keith presenting the cheque to Tim Lewis, Treasurer, and Robert Symons, Acting Chairman, at the SPSA’s recent meeting at the Albemarle Centre.

SPSA DONATION 273 (Medium)

Collections at Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates will go to Taunton Opportunity Group, a pre-school for children with special needs, and St Margaret’s Hospice.

Tickets for Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates can be purchased by clicking HERE.

TWYGs at Tacchi Morris Open Day

The TWYGs performed a series of numbers at the Tacchi Morris Arts Centre Open Day on 19th Sept 2015. Here are some photos showing them warming up and during their performances.

Well done to all those who took part. Thanks to Group Leader, Sarah Whittaker, and Choreographer, Sheila Driver, for getting them so well prepared. Oh, and not forgetting Sheila’s able assistant Sarah Lock.

And thanks to Emma Jones for her interview with Tone FM:


TWYGs at Tacchi Morris Open Day 19th Sept 2015

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[img src=]1900
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The Cast for Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates

The Auditions are over.

Thank you to all those who auditioned and took part in the workshops. There were so many talented people that making the decisions for some of the parts was really quite hard. However, the decisions have been made and our cast is as follows:



Alec Whyborn

Matt Batterbsy

Tom Kelvey

Charlotte Whittaker

Cassie Sutton


Eve Whyborn

Gabriella-Rose Gonta

Kizzy Preece

Lara Adkins

Helen Coombes

Emma Knight

Feature Dancers

Emma Jones

Zoe Overthrow

Caroline Howard

Sarah Lock


Meghan Walls

Margarita Jucilita

Chris Holman

Nutty Nick

Dan Woodmason

Captain Seasalt

Stuart Lloyd


Kim Barnard


Andy Cooper


Cameron Isherwood


Ashleigh Stubbs


Tom Kelvey

Hocus Pocus

Matt Battersby

Mumbo Jumbo

Candy Mockridge (also doubles as chorus)


Ruth Ferizi

Davy Jones

Ross Walls (also doubles as chorus)

Poll the Parrot

Kirsty Newman


Kirsty Newman

Poppy Ferizi

Francecsa Sandy

Charlotte Whyborn

Nicole Heritage

Imogen Wilson

Emily Uff

Amy Chapman